Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is designed to help educators create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction. Its open source license and modular design means that people can develop additional functionality.

Moodle is the most widely used e-learning platform or a learning management system (LMS) or a course management system. Moodle can be used to create online learning sites or e-learning portals. Moodle is an opensource web application built in PHP. As it is opensource, Moodle can be customized whether it is about modifying the existing features in Moodle or write separate additional functionalities on Moodle as plug-ins.


Moodle can be used as the front-end itself in case of publically open e-learning portal or can be integrated with intranet applications as internal learning management system. E-learning businesses, universities, institutes, industrial training centres, private coaching classes and even corporates are using Moodle as their preferred e-learning platform or LMS platform.


Signy is an expert Moodle development company in India. Signy team has PHP development expertise, deep know-how of Moodle platform and experience of working in education domain. This makes Signy an able partner who helps you develop your Moodle site, customize it or migrate from old versions to latest stable version.


Advanced Moodle Integration Solution to Integrate Your Custom Module


Moodle integration is the best way to integrate your customize module with Moodle. You can make powerful e-leaning system with rich features and the latest e-commerce functionality. We offer services for integrating Moodle into corporate environments in your existing system. Moodle is modular in structure and our developers expand it by developing plug-in for new functionality. We offer customize services to support various plug-ins as follows

  • Block layout
  • Sticky blocks
  • Activities
  • Groups Development
  • Course backup Facility
  • Database Module
  • Reports Management
  • Authentication Method
  • Enrollment Method
  • Forum Management
  • Quiz Reports
  • Resource types
  • Question types
  • Language Option
  • Translation
  • Graphical themes
  • Enrolment Plug-ins
  • Formatting option
  • Content Filters

We utilize innovative concepts for moodle development. We use this open source with LAMP (PHP/MySql), which are popular and powerful platforms to build your e-learning system. We also offer exceptional custom template design, SCORM compliant and High Customization, which are essential to run your application. We develop a system that deliver ingenious and friendly environment for teachers, students. It helps to increase interaction and communications between them. We have experienced team of Moodle developer who offers competent services for your open source development needs as follows

  • Moodle Customizations, Development, and Integration.
  • Custom Themes Design and Installation.
  • Custom Course Design.
  • Learning System Development.
  • Module Development.
  • Custom Modules Integration.
  • Plug-in Development.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • SCORM compliant.
  • Programming Service.
  • Application Development.
  • E-Learning System.
  • Extensions Development.
  • Website Implementation and Maintenance.
  • XHTML/CSS Enhancements.

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